Widening Circles

Article excerpt

by Joanna Macy


Review by Liz Armstrong

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When I was asked to review Joanna Macy's 2000 memoir, Widening Circles, I feigned delight--and accepted immediately. I love free books (the best perequisite of a reviewer), but a little question kept pestering me until Canada Post delivered: Who the heck is Joanna Macy?

I consider myself reasonably well read on environmental issues, but thought I really must have been on Mars when this one came to pass, especially when I read the sparkling reviews on the back cover: "Widening Circles is the life story of one of this era's most revered environmental and spiritual leaders." And, "Joanna Macy is a woman who will help to light our path for generations to come."

Humbled by my own ignorance, I did a quick poll of my environmental friends and was slightly relieved to learn that only one of them knew of Macy and her work. But I was relieved in a sad sort of way, especially after I read the book. …