Gender, Race, & Nation: A Global Perspective

Article excerpt

by Vanaja Dhruvarajan & Jill Vickers


Review by Sook C. Kong

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This is an academic book and so will not be every reader's cup of tea. For an academic tome, however, it is accessibly written and knowledgeable within its discipline of women's studies. Dhruvarajan and Vickers are senior Canadian professors of women's studies and have their own specializations as well. They place themselves well as scholars and as feminists. They have contributed much of the text, which also features contributions from three other writers: Parvin Ghorayashi, Carla Rice and Amanda Goldrick-Jones.

The themes range from their understandings of the nexus linking gender, race, nation, scholarly methodologies, women of colour, Canadian working women, body and culture, men and feminism, as well as anti-violence work and issues.

Vickers and Dhruvarajan have written an extended essay around the large concepts of gender, race and nation. Their theoretical fallback position is the one they describe as "one world. …