The Official Chronology of the U.S. Navy in World War II

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THE OFFICIAL CHRONOLOGY OF THE U.S. NAVY IN WORLD WAR II By Robert Cressman; 400 Ppgs/illust. Glossary, 8"x10" Hardbound. US Naval Institute, 800-233-8764;

ISBN 1-55750-149-1. $45.00

Ordinarily, chronologies make for very dull reading. The antithesis of the phone book with its colossal cast and lack of plot, chronologies are usually muscle-bound with data yet devoid of nutritional appeal. Not so with Robert Cressman's comprehensive and interestingly updated galaxy of anecdotes and events. Fleshed out with a broad variety of detail which only a professional historian like Robert Cressman can provide, this chronology of the greatest naval war in history reads not as a droll reference volume, but more like a massive, compelling anthology that is difficult to put down.

Ten years after the close of World War II, the US Navy published a chronology of its operations in the war. Now long out of print, the work focused on what were then defined as critical and decisive events. It ignored a multitude of combat actions as well as the loss or damage of many types of US ships and craft

- particularly auxiliaries, amphibious ships, and district craft

- and entirely omitted the US submarine campaign against Japanese shipping. …