The Fifty-Year War: Conflict & Strategy in the Cold War

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By Norman Friedman

640 pp. 26 photos, maps, Cloth: ISBN #1-5575-264-1 US Naval Institute (800) 233-8764; Online @ $38.95

Author Norman Friedman needs no introduction since his highly regarded series of reference books on American cruisers; carriers; battleships, and destroyers have long been the staple fare of naval buffs, researchers, modelers and historians. Friedman's latest effort - THE FIFTY-YEAR WAR - rounds out a commendable body of work that is both a tribute to his overall expertise; and a valued addition to the history of what many consider to be America's longest war ever.

For fifty years the Cold War shaped our lives and divided our world, and its influence will be felt for decades to come. While other authors have portrayed the period as an uneasy "peace" enforced by mutually assured destruction via atomic and nuclear weapons, Norman Friedman has synthesized a vast array of information from a diverse spectrum of sources on both sides of the Iron Curtain and come up with some foundation-shattering new conclusions. …