New Medical Records Smart Card for 'Personnel at Risk'

Article excerpt

Around a quarter of the population are considered to be `at risk' - suffering from health conditions such as diabetes, allergies and heart disease. With modern medication many such sufferers can lead virtually normal lives but in emergency situations it is as well to be prepared.

A revolutionary `smart card' is now available which will hold vital medical information accessible to accident and emergency service crews.

The UK's first smart card for medical records has been launched following successful trials in Gloucestershire. Called EMR Medicard(TM), the scheme is aimed at those people deemed to be `at risk' from conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, or heart related problems, as well as those with allergies and special needs. Current research indicates that this could affect as many as 1 in 4 of the UK population (source: Health Survey of England).

Accident and emergency staff are equipped with smart card readers to review the person's medical details wherever the person has been taken ill. Vital medical details of allergies, medication and specific health problems held within the smart card microchip are made available to provide immediate assistance to accident and emergency staff.

Medicard is expected to appeal to companies and organisations as part of an employment package. The cards carry vital personal information such as next of kin as well as medical details providing peace of mind to anyone who may be taken ill or involved in an accident especially those who spend time travelling. Handy smart card readers are also available to subscribers.

EMR Medicard was launched initially in Gloucestershire and at Russells Hall hospital in Dudley. Health authorities in Hereford & Worcester, Warwickshire and Bristol are currently being equipped to offer the service as the first phase of national implementation. …