The Assessment Center Handbook for Police and Fire Personnel

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The Assessment Center Handbook for Police and Fire Personnel

By Charles D. Hale, M.A.

Charles C. Thomas, Publisher (800) 258-8980

Reviewed by Chief Mark W, Field, Wheaton, IL Police Department

If identifying and selecting the very best possible leaders for your organization is among your most important responsibilities, or, if you are a police officer seeking a higher level, then you need to read this book -- and keep it close at hand.

Assessment centers have gained a high degree of credibility as an objective, valid, useful and fair means of evaluating the qualifications, skills and abilities of persons for advancement within law enforcement. Drawing on current knowledge and his own extensive experience, the author provides a thorough overview of the design and administration of an assessment center for police and fire personnel. This book looks at a variety of different assessment center exercises designed to elicit critical leadership and behavioral traits consistent with potentially successful leaders.

The book is skillfully crafted by the author with a three-fold goal in mind. First, for those who are planning on participating as a candidate in an assessment center. Secondly, it assists the reader who may be interested in using an assessment center as part of their selection process. Finally, it provides meaningful information to those who may simply be interested in obtaining more information about the process.

This work offers insight concerning the reliability, cost-effectiveness, and objective methods for the selection of candidates for higher appointments. Topics include the advantages of an assessment center, typical assessment center exercises, design and administration, selection and training, candidate evaluation and scoring methods, preparation, and an overall summary. …