Institute News from the DG Paul Symes

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Annual General Meeting

The Institute's 34th AGM was held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on Thursday 7 October 1999. A quorum being present and with A J Parry in the chair, the meeting approved the following resolutions:

Resolution 1

To approve the annual report and accounts for 1998.

Resolution 2

To approve the increase in membership subscription rates for year 2000.

The rates applicable for 2000 for all employed members within the European Union (including the UK) will be 90.00.

For members unemployed at 1 January 1999 and for retired members (age 60 or over), the membership fee will be YA5. The fee for overseas members will be 67 and 59 for students taking IMS courses.

A discount rate of 44 will apply to members from designated special promotion countries overseas.

Resolution 3

To receive the results of the recent council elections.

The following members were elected or re-elected to serve on Council of Management:

Kenneth Best

Graham Briscoe

John Heap

Geoffrey Mansfield

Dennis Whitmore

Resolution 4

To reappoint Leftley Rowe and Company as auditors for the Institute accounts for the current financial year.

A full report of the Council of Management meeting which followed immediately after the AGM will be published in the December edition of the Journal.

11th World Productivity Congress

The World Productivity Congress took place in Edinburgh between the 3rd and 6th of October 1999 with over 250 delegates and speakers from across the world participating.

A full report of proceedings will appear in our December edition.

The EFPS in Edinburgh

The New EFPS President Jos Hoogendijk was faced with chairing three meetings in one on the eve of the World Productivity Congress in Edinburgh on 3rd October. The agendas of the EFPS Board meeting, the EIIE Board meeting, and the EFPS Membership meeting were all covered by the same assembly.

The IMS were represented on this occasion by Tony Parry (at his last meeting prior to leaving the Institute chair on 7th October) and guests Harry Downes, Graham Briscoe and Ron Whitley.

The EFPS Board covered:

Finances, when it became clear that extra income has to be found. …