Bible Interpreters of the 29th Century: A Selection of Evangelical Voices

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Elwell, Walter A. and J. D. Weaver, eds. Bible Interpreters of the 20th Century: A Selection of Evangelical Voices. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1999, 446 pp., n.p.

This volume introduces 35 evangelical Biblical scholars from the 20th century. The editors "opted for a definition somewhat more on the broad rather than the narrow side (p. 8), although their precise definition is left unstated. The editors' six criteria for inclusion are: (1) scholars' careers must have been at least in part in the 20th century; (2) representatives are included from both halves of the century (which means that a number of scholars included are still alive and active today); scholars must have had (3) some identification with the evangelical movement and (4) significant influence on or in evangelicalism; (5) representatives from different denominational and confessional standpoints are included; (6) their major interest was in Biblical theology, rather than systematics.

The essays are as follows. "John Charles Ryle, by Peter Toon (pp. 13-21); "William Henry Green," by Marion Ann Taylor (pp. 22-36); "John Albert Broadus," by David S. Dockery (pp. 37-49); "Theodor Zahn," by Erich H. Kiehl (pp. 50-58); "Adolf Schlatter," by Robert W. Yarbrough (pp. 59-72); "Robert Dick Wilson," by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. (pp. 73-81); "Geerhardus Vos," by James T. Dennison, Jr. (pp. 82-92); "A. T. Robertson," by Edgar V. McKnight (pp. 93-104); "Richard C. H. Lenski," by Robert Rosin (pp. 105-121); "Oswald T. …