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William S. Phillips hopes that this painting conveys "the beauty and exhilaration of flight." Primarily, however, he intends it to honor "a great American hero"--James B. Stockdale, U.S. Navy, who in 1964 was in command of Fighter Squadron 51, assigned to Carrier Air Wing 5 on board USS Ticonderoga (CVA 14), pictured here (the slanting structure aft of the "island" is a folding antenna mast). In August of that year, Commander Stockdale (whose F-8 Crusader is in the foreground, in a two-aircraft CAP, or combat air patrol, section) led the first U.S. air strikes into North Vietnam. The next year, by then commanding the air wing of USS Oriskany (CVA 34), Commander Stockdale would be shot down; finding himself the senior naval officer held by the North Vietnamese, he would display until his release in 1973 the leadership, courage, and "conspicuous gallantry... above and beyond the call of duty" that would earn him the Medal of Honor.

William Phillips, whose work also appeared on our Winter 1994 and Winter 1997 issues, is a highly regarded, widely exhibited, and award-winning aviation artist. His work appears by courtesy of The Greenwich Workshop, Inc., Shelton, Connecticut.

The Edward S. Miller Research Fellowship in Naval History

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