The Civil Rights Movement in Virginia

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Before and After Browi in Virginia

On Friday, April 2, the VHS will host a symposium to mark the 50th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court case, Broivn v. Board of Education, which held that segregated public schools were unconstitutional. Speakers will k present short papers and engage in discussion with the audience. Among the speakers will be former VHS trustee, the Rev. Grady W Powell. The symposium will provide an opportunity to engage the issues of race, law, and society that drove the civil rights movement and remain important today. Shortly, VHS members will receive a registration brochure with complete details about this important event. In the meantime, check it out on our web site (www.vahistorical. org/symposium.htm). You can even register online there.


The Civil Rights Movement in Virginia

The Society's largest exhibition of 2004, The Civil Rights Movement in Virginia, marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Supreme Court decision that invalidated segregation in public education. just as the Brown decision inspired the nascent civil rights movement to action on issues other than education, the exhibition also examines the campaigns waged against discrimination in public accommodation and voting rights.

Because Virginia did not play host to the most famous, or infamous, episodes of the civil rights era, its place in the African American struggle for equality has been underappreciated. This exhibit remedies this shortcoming and recognizes that the momentous events of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s were significantly shaped by developments in the Old Dominion. …