Health Promotion at the Community Level: New Advances (2Nd Edition)

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Health Promotion at the Community Level: New Advances (2nd Edition) Neil Bracht (Ed.), Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications; 275 pp., $84.00 (Cdn.)Cloth ISBN 0-7619-1844-2; $ 41.25 (Cdn.)- Paperback ISBN 0-7619-1304-1.

This second edition provides several reasons to recommend it. Most importantly, it contains representative new research in the health promotion field. Indeed, the three case studies in Part I and corresponding discussions of international developments in Part II provide intelligent, forthright accounts of recent participatory endeavours by professional and community representatives, Similar in organization to the first edition, the book first focusses on theoretical considerations underlying health promotion, and then examines actual programs. Unlike the earlier edition, the second focusses on the "durability" of health promotion programming. In doing so, the editor accomplishes two purposes. One, he addresses nagging questions about the longterm success of such efforts, and two, he ties together the analysis so as to present a logically consistent argument for health promotion, irrespective of locale. This edition also proves more readable. For instance, it supplies an index and a summative list of references that will prove helpful to anyone who wants information on a specific topic. …