Interview: Meet Dr. Gerald Glover, RODP

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Dr. Gerald Glover, RODP is the Chairman of The 30th annual Information Exchange, this May 23-26, 2000 at Hawaii Pacific University in Hawaii.

Currently "Jerry" is Professor of Organizational Change at Hawaii Pacific University, teaching in the MA in Organizational Change and MA in Management graduate program. He is an associate of the Trompenaars-- Hampden-Turner Group in Amsterdam. He is also a Director of the Change Leadership Network in Fiji. He is an internationally recognized speaker, consultant, and researcher in the areas of organizational change, organizational culture, trans-cultural management and other culture and management issues.

Jerry's previous experience includes both practical management and academic positions. He has previously held teaching positions at several educational organizations, including Michigan State University, the Educational Institute of the AHMA, Florida Atlantic University, The Bahamas Hotel Training College, and Edison Community College. In these academic positions he has taught research methods, anthropology, social science, management, organizational development and change, service management, gerontology, populations genetics, cultural differences in health care, and comparative (trans-cultural) management.

He has held management positions in both operations and staff support areas. His management work experience includes positions as Training and Quality Director of the Boca Raton Hotel (1981-1982), Director of Human Resources at the Pavillon Hotel in Miami (1980), Development and Research Advisor for The Bahamas Hotel Training Council (1978-1979), Administrator for Control Data Institute in Miami (1972-1973), District Office Manager for Allstate Insurance (1970-1971), Corporate Employment Manager for Ryder Truck Rental (1968-1970), and Director of Human Resources for Western Carolina Center for Mental Health (1967-1968). He obtained his Ph.D. in 1981 from the University of Florida. Other educational qualifications include Certification as a Cross-Cultural Trainer by the Trompenaars-- Hampden-Turner Group (Amsterdam), and the CHA (Certified Hotel Administrator) from the Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Motel Association.

Dr. Glover has been an applied researcher, consultant, and/or conference speaker to more than 100 business and governmental organizations in 23 nations. His primary area of expertise has been organizational culture and planned change. Assignments include measuring organizational cultures, designing innovations and change initiatives to fit organizational needs and contexts, implementing change projects, developing strategic plans based on organiztional culture assessments, management development and training programs, developing and presenting trans-cultural skills training programs for managers and employees, conflict reduction in labor-management relations, improving organizational performance and assisting with cultural fit in multi-national joint ventures and mergers.

Needless to say Jerry is always on the go, but his consideration and commitment to the upcoming O.D. Annual Information Exchange in May allowed time for this interview, in between work projects in Australia and the continental U.S.

Therese: Jerry, describe your present work

Jerry: Currently, I am involved in three primary O.D. related efforts. First of all, I am a faculty member of Hawaii Pacific University's graduate program in Organizational Change. Dr. Art Whatley and I developed this Master's Program in the past decade due to my own professional interest in the field as well as the demand for trained professionals in the field. Our program has around 60 current majors seeking the MA/OC degree, in addition to 50 persons seeking the Professional Certificate in OC. We named the program Organizational Change because we deal with topics and applications of a very global and transdisciplinary nature, such as culture change in multinational mergers, community development, economic development, and organizational culture. …