The Future of History

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THE FUTURE OF HISTORY By David Barsamian and Howard Zinn Common Courage Press (1999) 166 pages, $13.95, ISBN 1-56751-156-2 -Reviewed by Chris Asmussen

The Future of History, by David Barsaimian and Howard Zinn, provides a unique perspective into Zinn's previous works,A People's History ofthe United States and The Zinn Reader. The book, a series of provocative interviews between David Bainsaimian and Howard Zinn, is a look into Zinn's view of his own life and the lives of others who were victimized. It includes his recollection of his poor immigrant father who worked as a waiter for little money and even less respect. This, along with his wartime experience, changed his outlook on how he teaches the way the United States reports and records events that shape today's history.

Well written and fast paced, the book takes the reader on an inside track through the mind of a radical professor who believes that history should be about truth. One gains`understanding that sometimes it is not important who wins or loses, but how the game is played and whether both sides try their best to resolve the issues. Since it is written in a 20 question format made famous by magazines on the newsstand, the rate of interest remains high, because it is the first time Zinn formally answers questions about his views and his past works.

Inside the pages a great value is held for those wanting to study history. Its multicultural view is sometimes a slap in the face, due to Zinn's explanations. …