Ontario Slaps Abused Women and Children

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Ontario Slaps Abused Women and Children.

The article in the National Action Committee on the Status of Women newsletter gets right to the point: "The Harris government seems not only morally and ethically bankrupt, but bereft of even the most basic of political and economic sense."

Anger is the characteristic response by women to the Conservative government in Ontario, which has targetted women and children's services, including employment equality in its slashing campaign.

Welfare rates have been cut by 21.6 percent; counselling programs, education programs, child care, legal aid, job training and immigrant servicing agencies have all fallen under the axe.

"Every single program which women relied upon to improve their lives has been slashed," reports NAC.

As an example of the impact of the cuts, the Ministry of Community and social Services no longer provides funding for second stage housing in Ontario.

"Thousands of assaulted women and their children in Ontario may no longer be able to depend on second stage programming to provide the safety and longer term housing that they need for their very survival," according to Arlene Timmins of the Ontario Alliance of Second Stage Housing. …