Winter Wonderland

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Looking for a line array speaker system or perhaps a bubble machine to get you through those long frigid nights? Look no further than this month's new products.


Producing hundreds of bubbles per minute, American DJ's new Bubble Blast is a heavy-duty bubble machine with massive output. Equipped with a secondary dual-fan lift system, bubbles float high into the air as they are blown from two wand chambers. The Bubble Blast includes a remote control with a "duration" knob that controls the time span of bubble production; and an "interval" knob that sets the period between bubble outputs. List price for the Bubble Blast is $399.95.

American DJ also recently introduced Mister Kool, an affordable low-lying fog machine that uses everyday ice cubes to produce fog that stays close to the ground. Doing away with the need for fog chillers, air conditioning units or dry ice, Mister Kool requires standard fog fluid and up to four pounds of regular ice to run. The machine has a water drainage valve system that collects water into a removable plastic bag at the back of the unit. It includes a 400-watt heater and a timer remote with an on/off switch. Mister Kool measures 19-25"L x 12.5"W x 10.25"H and weighs 17.5 lbs. List price is $259.95.

For additional info, call 800-322-6337 or visit

Sound City

Audio-Technica has introduced the AT897 Line and Gradient Condenser Microphone, an 11-inch shotgun microphone for high-quality field audio. It features on-axis response and provides sound rejection from the sides and rear of the mic, as well as a low-frequency roll-off switch for reduced pick-up of unwanted sounds. It can operate on internal battery (AA) or phantom power, and comes with a foam windscreen and stand adapter. List price for the AT897 Line and Gradient Condenser Microphone is $369. CaU 330-686-2600, or visit

Let's Have A KonFab

An improvement on motorized roll drop designs, KonFab Inc.'s PanaVista 3 supports scrims, cycloramas, muslin, velour or any type of soft drop. It reduces sag and deflection on drops with spans of 60 feet and loads of over 800 pounds, while using less than four feet of vertical overhead space. Because of its 120V electrical operation with DMX interface and variable speed capabilities, the PanaVista 3 can be used for theatrical performances, acoustical needs or advertising banners and is quiet enough to operate during performances. For more info, call 301-333-1199 or visit

Oh Mighty Isis

QSC Audio Products Inc. introduced the ISIS WldeLine line array speaker system, a new addition to the ISIS Series loudspeakers.The ISIS WideLine has a 140-degree horizontal dispersion pattern and features a three-way, selectable bi-amp or tri-amp design with selectable mid-range frequency shading for more coherent pattern control and better intelligibility. The design of the ISIS WideLine allows for increased output, greater rigidity and lighter weight-each cabinet weighs in at 70 lbs. The enclosed rigging hardware and fly-grid offers adjustment of vertical splay angles (0 to 10 degrees), and is rated to fly up to 16 enclosures. List price for an ISIS Wide Line speaker is $4,650, plus additional costs for fly grid and stacking grid. Call 800-854-4029 or visit

Your Name Here

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