eSignal - Award-Winning, Real-Time Global Data, Advanced Technical Analysis and Integrated Trading

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Data reliability has always been eSignal's strong suit. and recently, the company has extended its offering beyond the basic U.S. and European exchanges to include more than 85 exchanges from around the world on all instruments, including indices, stocks, futures, minis, options, Forex rates and market depth.

All that data can add up to a lot in exchange fees. However, eSignal's combination of real-time and delayed data helps users minimize those costs because they can subscribe to the exchanges they need in real time and receive for free or at a minimal cost delayed data on all others.


eSignal's charting and analytics can satisfy every level of technical analyst, from the beginner to the advanced. A library of customizable studies is available, plus drawing tools and various charting formats well known to all traders, including candlestick, bar, marketprofile and Point and Figure.


eSignal has a whole host of futures-focused tools. eSignal's Quoteboard, for example, displays quotes in a grid-like fashion with a meter that acts as a thermometer, showing the current price's "temperature" as it relates to the day's high and low.

eSignal's market depth display offers information about the market's liquidity based on the actions of the market makers - the real heavy hitters. eSignal provides a breadth of market depth from the CME, CBOT and Forex rates, as well as the NASDAQ and NYSE.

The marketprofile feature is your eye on time and price opportunities, allowing you to see which price areas the market is accepting or rejecting. …