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Web site's three-step process helps banks play in the student loan game, a simple, referralbased program developed and operated by Student Loan Finance Corp. in cooperation with ICBA, lets community banks add a student loan option to their portfolios without resource or capital investment.

Divided into two distinct areas-a service area for banks and schools, and an information, application and loan tracking area for students-the site equips banks with everything they need to join and promote the student loan program. lets your bank review program details, become a member bank and track its referrals all online.

"Brain Scratch gives community banks the tools and support they need to provide their customers education credit instead of losing that customer to a larger lender," says Norg Sanderson, Student Loan Finance president and CEO. "We're handling all of the up-front marketing needs as well as the back office processing. All banks need to do is sign up for BrainScratch, then target the appropriate customers and direct them to the site."

The student-loan site also gives students information and support to complete the application process and secure an education loan, while using interactive technologies to ensure students are entertained as well as informed. This encourages greater site traffic, a fast, enjoyable online experience and a higher success rate.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

ICBA member banks that sign up with Student Loan Finance to represent BrainScratch. …