President Rawlings Opens IFHE Congress

Article excerpt

The XIXth World Congress of the International Federation for Home Economics opened with great pagentry and His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings. Rawlings urges people to recognize the family as the basic unit of society. He said that we must work to strengthen it and that includes enacting appropriate policies.

President Rawling said that when families break down or fail to function properly, children become dysfunctional and this affects the greater society. He noted that women are at the heart of every family. Therefore, what marginalizes or disempowers women undermines the integrity of the family AND society. He indicated that the poverty gap is growing wider and it is important for his country to have people increase their income generating skills. Countries least able to provide for children minimally practice family planning.

The violence of poverty inflicts maleria on children. Another form of violence is women bearing eight or nine children and having their life span reduced by 30 to 40%. He said that a man's satisfaction should not be at the expense of a woman's life. Raveling spoke about a hospital in which two people were dying as a result of violence. …