Certified Professional: A Challenge for Affiliates

Article excerpt


The Certification program promotes the professional growth of individuals certified in family and consumer sciences by encouraging a systematic program of professional development and continuing education. The program requires that in order to maintain the certified credential, 75 professional units must be earned over a 3-year period. Some individuals have found this requirement to be a challenge. If this requirement is not met an individual's certification lapses. In order to understand why this happens, the Office of Certification surveys those whose certification has lapsed. The two most prevalent reasons given are "time constraints" or "lack of professional development opportunities in the area."

Family and consumer sciences professionals are encouraged to obtain certification. As professionals in the field of family and consumer sciences, it is imperative to stay on the cutting edge of new research and information by undertaking a specific plan of professional development and continuing education and, there are myriad other professional development opportunities and avenues to explore in order to earn PDUs. The Council's publication, Maintaining Certification, outlines numerous professional development activities available to the CFCS professional. Some of these include self-studies and authored publications.

Affiliates, sections, divisions, and other association entities have the responsibility to promote certification and to support CFCS professionals through regional and annual meetings and marketing other opportunities. …