At the Grass Roots

Article excerpt

In many ways, ICBA builds the foundation of community banking across the country

Like our members, ICBA has always stressed personal service as a hallmark of membership. With an accomplished 71-year history of championing and promoting our industry, ICBA is continuing the tradition by gathering feedback and ideas from the grassroots level.

Following two recent ICBA membership steering committee meetings, community banks can look forward to an even stronger and more personal working relationship with ICBA, your trade association. At the Texas and California membership meetings, community bankers brainstormed on building new membership programs and swapped ideas on how to communicate better with and for our members.

"These task force meetings included a great deal of diversity," explains ICBA President-elect Bob Gulledge, who chaired the gatherings. "Many good ideas were put on the table. The result will be any number of meaningful new programs and improved communications for our members."

Performance and communication have always underpinned the benefits of ICBA. ICBA's history is replete with grass-roots-inspired services, products and programs. In 1999, our association introduced online training for community bankers, the direct result of banker comments about the need for remote training options. Today, ICBA offers more than 50 online courses.

Other examples of ICBA's commitment to communication include the Washington Weekly Report and ICBA Weekly News, available in hard copy and online, as well as Independent Banker magazine. …