Clothing and Violence

Article excerpt

Three articles previously published in the Journal address issues surrounding clothing and violence. The abstracts of those articles are below;for the full text, visit the AAFCS Web site,, click on Publications and then JFCS. -Ed.

1. Gangs or Fashion: Influences on Junior High Student Dress JFCS, Vol. 87:4, pp 26-32

Julia Cardona Forney and William Scott Forney

ABSTRACT: This study investigated the influence of gang dress, fashionability, and reference source use when junior high students make clothing choices and clothing decisions. Ethnicity was associated with two gang dress elements, colors and hairstyles, and choosing clothing similar to friends. Girls were more fashionable and used teen magazines more than boys while boys wore sports team hats more than girls. Also, when making decisions about clothes, boys made their decisions alone more than girls. High gang dress and fashionability levels were associated with choosing clothing similar to all reference sources investigated except that a low gang dress level was associated with music videos. When making clothing decisions, high levels of gang dress and fashionability were associated with using a friend's advice while high gang dress level was associated with the advice of sisters and brothers. Implications for parents and educators are noted for adolescent socialization and development of personal identities and autonomy.

2. Violence and Other Antisocial Behaviors in Public Schools: Can Dress Codes Help Solve the Problem?

JFCS, Vol. 87:4, pp 33-38

Lillian 0. Holloman

ABSTRACT: Violence and other antisocial problems related to clothing and appearance have invaded public schools to an alarming extent. …