Updated Certification Exam Now Available

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The original Certification Exam was developed in the late 1980's and was updated in 1992. In November 1997, the Council for Certification determined it was time to create a new Family and Consumer Sciences Certification Exam. A Steering Committee for the redevelopment of the certification exam was formed, and the task of creating a new exam was begun. However, in the course of beginning that task, a question arose concerning the common core of knowledge in family and consumer sciences. As a result, a Body of Knowledge Task Force was created to determine the common core of knowledge in family and consumer sciences.

The Council for Certification felt it needed the findings from the Body of Knowledge Task Force to develop a new exam. However, the current exam was in need of an immediate revision because several of the questions were out of date. Therefore, pending the exam's revision, the Council for Certification suspended the use of the certification exam in November 1999.

On October 26-27, 2000, a Certification Exam Revision Team met at AAFCS Headquarters. The team consisted of: Margaret Viebrock, Washington State University Cooperative Extension; Grace Angotti, University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension; Cheryl Lee, Appalachian State University; Bette Montgomery, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Janis Van Buren, Texas A & I; JoAnn Wilson, Utah State University; Joyce Smith, Ohio State University Cooperative Extension; and Duane Whitbeck, Pittsburg State University. …