The Sailing Navy: 1775-1854 / Civil War Navies: 1855-1883

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By Paul Silverstone THE SAILING NAVY: 128 Pgs, 78 Pix, Hrdcvr. ISBN 1-55750-893-3 -- $38.95. CIVIL WAR NAVIES: 240 Pgs, 140 Photos, Hrdcvr. ISBN 1-5570-894-1 -- $49.95. Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, MD; (800) 233-8764;

Paul Silverstone needs no introduction to Sea Classics readers. He has been a contributor for more than 20 years and penned our "Intel File" column for more than a decade. Most recently Paul has been busy writing a news series of reference books for the Naval Institute Press, the first two of which have just been released: THE SAILING NAVY and CIVIL WAR NAVIES. Each volume well demonstrates why Paul is the contemporary dean of naval vessel reference texts. Paul's classic U.S. WARSHIPS OF WWII, first published in 1966, is still the reference 'bible' to many naval buffs. These new titles, each focusing on respective periods of U.S. naval history, follow in the same tradition wherein they are factually flawless and packed with awesome detail.

THE SAILING NAVY: This first volume in a new series on U.S. Navy warships features a complete compilation of data on American ships from the American Revolution end the Quasi-War with France through U.S. actions against the Barbary coast, the War of 1812, and the Mexican War. In a convenient tabular format, important details are listed for each ship, including the often overlooked, lesser-known, and smaller vessels. Each entry provides information on size, date and length of service, and the ship's fate. …