New Radar and Laser Products

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Technology enthusiasts look forward to the IACP to view the latest in electronics for traffic enforcement. We spotted several intriguing new products at the 2000 IACP Convention.


McCoy's Law Line

The Speed Trak Elite from McCoy's Law Line is available in single or dual-- antenna configuration. This moving radar offers Same Direction and Fastest Speed processing and stopwatch mode. In stationary operation it can be set to monitor approaching-only, departing-- only or bi-directional targets. The small, lightweight display can be detached from the counting unit without tools for remote mounting and its LEDs are different colors for faster, easier assimilation of information.

All functions except for power on/off are controlled from a corded remote that has backlit buttons of varied shapes to facilitate identification by touch alone. A town/highway switch selects patrol low speeds of five mph or 20 mph. Available in K and Ka band.

MPH Industries

The BEE III from MPH Industries is claimed by the manufacturer to be the smallest two or three-piece radar on the market. The BEE III's compact display can be detached for remote mounting and uses extra-large LEDs of different colors for fail-safe identification. Available only in Ka band, the new MPH unit is directional in stationary mode: it reads targets that are departing, approaching or both. Standard are Same Direction, Fastest Speed and stopwatch modes. A wireless remote with large, distinctive buttons controls all functions.

With a unique feature called POP, the new BEE in moving mode automatically transmits brief bursts to track patrol speed and help eliminate shadowing and low-speed combining errors. MPH says the POP transmissions can't be picked up by radar detectors and allow lightning-fast target acquisition.

Kustom Signals

Kustom Signals introduced its Pro65K at the IACP. This low-powered K-band drone radar sets off radar detectors up to a mile away to slow traffic in construction zones and similar areas. …