Fixed Wing

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In addition to the helicopter resources noted above, the Army uses a variety of fixed-wing assets, including the C-12 King Air, which serves as the service's current short-range utility aircraft designed to fill air transportation requirements out to 800 nautical miles (NM). The nondevelopmental aircraft platform provides an efficient all-weather transport for commanders and staff, and low-volume, high-priority parts and equipment. The largest modification program now under way involves the upgrade of 27 C-12F cockpits with newly digitized capabilities.

The RC-12 configuration carries the Guardrail common sensor system and provides standoff communications intelligence (COMINT), electronics intelligence (ELINT), and intercept and location targeting to enhance corps commanders' warfighting capability. In addition, the RC-12 provides national-level targeting information.

The EO-5 Airborne Reconnaissance Low (ARL) is based on a modified DeHavilland-7 aircraft. The system comes in two configurations: ARL-C (COMINT) with a complete COMINT sensor package, and ARL-M (Multi-INT) that combines both COMINT and imagery capability. There are seven EO-5/ARL systems in service with an eighth in production.

The Army's C-20 and C-37 Citation Long-Range/Executive Transport Jets provide global transport and command and control support to senior executives from the Department of the Army staff, commanders and other high-ranking government officials for flights up to 4,200 NM. …