Aircraft Survivability

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The Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasure (ATIRCM) is a U.S. Army program to develop, test and integrate defensive infrared (IR) countermeasures capabilities into existing, current generation host platforms for more effective protection against a greater number of IR-guided missile threats than afforded by currently fielded IR countermeasures. The U.S. Army operational requirements concept for IR countermeasure systems is known as the suite of integrated infrared countermeasures (SIIRCM). It is an integrated warning and countermeasure system to enhance aircraft survivability against IR-guided threat missile systems. The core element of the SIIRCM concept is the advanced threat infrared countermeasure (ATIRCM), common missile warning system (CMWS) program. The ATIRCM/ CMWS, a subsystem to a host aircraft, is an integrated ultraviolet (UV) missile warning system and an IR lamp/laser jamming and improved countermeasure dispenser (ICMD).

The CMWS also functions as a standalone system with the capability to detect missiles and provide audible and visual warnings to the pilot(s); and, when installed with the ICMD, activates expendables to provide a degree of protection. ATIRCM/CMWS is the key IR survivability system for Future Force Army aircraft.

The A-kit is the modification hardware, wiring harness, cable and more that is necessary to install and interface the ATIRCM/CMWS mission kit to each platform. The A-kit ensures the mission kit is functionally and physically operational on the host platform.

The mission kit consists of the ATIRCM/ CMWS, which performs the missile detection, false alarm rejection and missile declaration functions of the system. The electronic control unit (ECU) of the CMWS sends a missile alert signal to on-board avionics and other aircraft survivability equipment (ASE), such as expendable flare dispensers. Threat missiles detected by the CMWS are handed over to the ATIRCM. …