Current Army Watercraft Systems

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With an understated motto of "Sail Army," the U.S. Army Program Manager for Army Watercraft Systems (PM AWS) is working to provide "a flexible and responsive fleet, projecting and sustaining America's forces through the 21st century." Responsibilities include the engineering, production, fielding, initial logistics support and modernization/modification of the U.S. Army fleet of watercraft and associated support equipment which enable the warfighter to rapidly project the nation's armed forces.

The Containerized Maintenance Facility (CMF) is a transportable maintenance complex that is made up of a combination of five tactical rigid wall expandable International Standards Organization (ISO) shelters and two ISO containers. The system is designed to be stand-alone and is equipped to provide intermediate support for deployment and sustainment of the full spectrum of Army watercraft in either a fixed port or joint logistics over-the-shore environment.

The Large Tug (LT) 128' is used for transocean/coastal towing operations and for assisting with the docking/undocking of large ships. The LT 128' is outfitted to provide salvage, rescues and firefighting assistance to other vessels and shore installations on a limited basis.

The Landing Craft Utility (LCU) 2000 provides worldwide transport of combat vehicles and sustainment cargo. It also supports intratheater and tactical resupply.

The Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM8) is used in lighter and utility work. The Mod 2 program enhances vessel capabilities including command and control, personnel transfer and light salvage.

The Theater Support Vessel (TSV)-Interim is a critical step toward the definition and acquisition of the future TSV. Recent TSV interim program activities included the fiscal year 2001 contract award for an Army/Navy joint lease of HSV-Xl (Joint Venture) high-speed vessel. Together with TSV-IX (Spearhead), the platforms are part of a TSV interim program/investigations/experimentation and Office of the secretary of Defense-approved advanced concepts technology demonstration. …