Mail Is Money

Article excerpt

Although the idea and power of mail are taken for granted in the Information Age--characterized by satellite communications, fax, computer networks and E-mail--traditional mail has a unique capacity to inspire, sell and incite positive action when used in a highly professional, high-quality manner.

But when people receive letters that are sloppy--inaccurate addresses, incorrect zip codes, promotional mailing in window envelopes--a specific message is inadvertently communicated: People think the letter is a product of an impersonal organization and not worthy of their time and response.

Experts agree that technological advances are the key to reducing costs and saving money. In fact, it is now possible to automate 96 percent of the outgoing mail process with state-of-the-art mailing systems. The most important benefit is that automated processing provides the opportunity to get mail out quicker and ensures that each piece is consistent and correct in appearance.


By following a "quality mail" checklist, organizations can streamline their mail processing dramatically. Quality mail is more likely to be opened and to generate a positive response. When companies take advantage of advanced tools and solutions, mail is harnessed into a tremendous power to reach and persuade like no other communications vehicle can.

Here's a checklist for ensuring that quality mail is a trademark of your organization:

* Involve management. Decision makers must direct and encourage innovation in the mail center.

* Automate all processes. Automated folding/inserting is up to 30 times faster than manual processing. In addition, manual processing averages 3. …