The Most Promising Web Sites for Job-Hunting Doctors

Article excerpt

If your search includes surfing the Net-and it shouldthese sites provide the most features and postings.

Last months Career Consult column discussed job hunting online. This months presents a companion chart (page 54) that compares the best Web sites listing employment opportunities for physicians.

Eleven of the 15 sites covered in the chart have search engines. In many cases, however, you won't need one. Typically, you can just click "jobs" or a similar button, then your specialty, to see a list of opportunities. If a search engine is useful for a job seeker, the chart notes it.

An important reminder for search engine users: If there's more than one way to specify what type of doctor you are, be sure to try all the variations as keywords. At Health Care job Store's site, for example, the keywords "FP," "family doctor," "family practitioner," and "family physician" yield different results.

Web CV is simply an electronic form in which you fill out your CV information once, and then are able to e-mail it to employers posting job openings on the site. If the site has "broadcast capability," you can simultaneously circulate your CV to multiple employers who advertise on that site-up to 100 in the case of PracticeChoice.

Some Web sites give you the option to match your employment needs (which you specify on an electronic form) and credentials (as specified in your CV) with the requirements of employers with job openings. Those employers are then automatically e-mailed a copy of your CV In other cases, you're the one who's notified of prospective jobs that meet your needs; then it's up to you to contact the employers. …