High School Science Research Program

Article excerpt

When asked what they did on their summer vacations, the high school interns working at the American Museum of Natural History will have some amazing jobs to describe. For example, instead of serving up fries or ringing up retail sales like some of her classmates, Wendy Guillen, 15, mingled with monkeys this August at the Sedgewick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas, working with Museum scientists on behavioral and genetic studies involving groups of chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas in an effort to analyze their family relationships.

Wendy is just one of the 60 interns participating in the Museum's High School Science Research Program (HSSRP), an early training ground for high school sophomores and juniors, many of them city kids reflecting the great ethnic and racial diversity of New York City, interested in pursuing careers in research science. The HSSRP students work side-by-side with Museum professionals and top scientists on a wide range of exciting projects.

It is a selective, intensive program in which students commit to at least two years, including summers. …