Starting and Managing A Nonprofit Organization: A Legal Guide

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Starting And Managing A Nonprofit Organization: A Legal Guide, 3rd ed., by Bruce R- Hopkins, provides valuable guidance for those starting new nonprofits, as well as essential advice for directors of established organizations. Written in plain English, not legalese, the book provides practical, step-bystep guidance on how to handle all legal aspects of obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status, revenue reporting, nonprofits and "private benefit," charitable giving, employee compensation, lobbying, the use of for-profit subsidiaries and more. [ISBN 0471-39727-X, $26.95, Wiley] A

The Nonprofit Handbook: Management, 3rd ed., by Tracy Daniel Connors, is designed to be a desktop reference on the operational policies and procedures of nonprofit organizations. In its 1,008 pages, Connors has brought together the expertise of more than 35 leading experts in the field of nonprofit management to provide standardized policies and procedures in three crucial areas: effectiveness, efficiency and evolutionary environment. This new edition covers topics such as management environment, organizational identity and focus, effective operating and management strategies; marketing and communications, information management technology, process management, fundraising, leadership; and human resource development. …