Beverly Hills/Hollywood Branch Recognizes Blacks in Theater

Article excerpt

The Beverly Hills/Hollywood branch of the NAACP will host its 15th annual theater awards Feb. 20-21 at the Vision Theater in Los Angeles.

The theater awards were at one time an integral part of the Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACP Branch's Image Awards. When the NAACP's national office began sponsoring the Image Awards in 1990, the Theater Awards remained with the Beverly Hills/Hollywood branch.

The branch has a nine-person theater viewing committee that reviews approximately 70 plays a year from Santa Barbara to San Diego. The committee, which has nine alternates, makes nominations for 14 awards in two categories. The committee's work culminates in the branch's Theater Awards, whose theme this year is "Recapturing Our Heritage." The main sponsor for the event is Disney ABC.

This year, the Negro Ensemble Company (NEC) will receive the Trailblazer Award. Founded in 1967, the New York-based NEC has been a major production company for more than 30 years. Seventeen of NEC's 23 founding members will participate in the Beverly Hills/Hollywood branch's awards ceremony. …