Health Care Policy, Performance and Finance: Strategic Issues in Health Care Management

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5. Health care policy, performance and finance: strategic issues in health care management Edited by Huw TO Davies and Manouche Tavakoli. Published by Ashgate Publishing Limited, Hants 2004. Hardback 291pp. Price £49.95 ISBN 0-7546-3865-0

This book is based on the Fifth International Conference on 'Strategic Issues in Health Care Management' held at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, in Spring 2002. section 1 focuses on 'Health Policy and Technology Assessment' and section 2 on 'Policy and Performance'. Twenty countries were represented from multi-disciplinary areas. section 3 capitalises on this and deals with 'International Policy Innovation'. section 4 follows on from this with Organising Innovation'.

Of the 17 contributions, neonatal intensive care units appear twice. The first adopts a Bayesian approach to doctors' views on size of unit. It finds no difference in risk adjusted mortality between low, medium and high volume units, but doctors continue to believe that low volume units perform worse. The second pursues the same theme, with management of unit workload and nurse staffing, and infection control being areas for improvement. …