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David VanHoose, professor of Economics and Herman W. Lay Professor of Private Enterprise, was appointed as an editor at the Journal of Economics and Business.

Kent Gilbreath, professor of Economics, was quoted in "Sales Tax Revenue Continues To Increase" in Daily Court Review.


Nancy Upton, Striech Professor of Family Business Management, presented at three conferences this summer. She delivered the keynote speech to 2000 at a June conference in Fiji, "The Importance of Entrepreneurship to Emerging Economies;" at the Academy of Management, New Orleans, she presented "Best Practices of Family Business Teaching" and "Firm Performance and Employee Empowerment: A Comparative Analysis of Male and Female Business Owners" with Joana Young, assistant professor of Management.

Dawn Carlson, associate professor of Management, presented the following three papers at the Academy of Management Meetings, New Orleans: "Measuring the Positive Side of the Work-Family Interface: Development and Validation of a Work-Family Facilitation Scale" (with K.M. Kacmar, J.H. Wayne, & J.G. Gryzwacz); "Perception vs. Reality: Which Matters Most in LMX Agreement?" (with K. Harris, K.M. Kacmar, & S. Zivnuska); and "When is Work-Family Conflict Related to Job Performance?"

Dawn S. Carlson and Nancy Upton co-authored the following manuscript (with Samuel Seaman) "The Impact of Human Resource Practices and Compensation Design on Performance: An Analysis of Family-Owned SMEs." It has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Small Business Management.

Mitchell Neubert, assistant professor of Management and H.R. Gibson Chair in Management Development, has recently earned acceptance of his article, "Attributions in Teams" (with co-author Simon Taggar) following their research on the personality composition of teams and the impact it has on team behaviors and performance. The article will appear in Personnel Psychology.

Mitchell Neubert participated this summer on a panel of experts at the Academy of Management meetings in New Orleans. The panel's topic was commitment in organizations. His contribution related to discussing commitment to change and how to create "actionable knowledge" from research on commitment.

Mitchell J. Neubert and L.D. Palmer have co-authored "The Emergence of Women in Healthcare Leadership: Transforming the Impact of Gender Differences" in Journal of Men's Health and Gender. This publication is unique in that the article was written in partnership with Baylor EMBA alumnus, Lynn Palmer, who is the founder and CEO of MedTrials, Inc.

Patricia Norman, associate professor of Management, presented along with Kendall Artz, chair, Department of Management, the following paper at the Academy of Management Meeting in New Orleans: "Does It Pay to be Different? Competitive Non-Conformity in Different Regulatory Regimes."

Joana Young presented "The Intersection of Race and Sex in Predicting Women's Workplace Participation" at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Society, Chicago.

Les Palich, associate professor of Management and the Ben H. Williams Professor of Entrepreneurship, Justin Longenecker, professor emeritus, Carlos Moore, professor of Marketing, and Bill Petty, professor of Finance and W. W. Caruth Chair of Entrepreneurship, presented the paper "Integrity and Small Business: A Framework and Empirical Analysis" at the International Council for Small Business conference in Johannesburg, South Africa in June of 2004, which was selected as the Best Theory Paper for the conference It will be published in Proceedings of the 49th World Conference of the International Council for Small Business, Johannesburg, South Africa, June 2004. The ICSB is the largest small business and entrepreneurship organization in the world and is usually attended by about 750 people from around the globe - mostly academics, practicing entrepreneurs, and government representatives. …