Innovations: Project Management Research 2004

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE Innovations: Project Management Research 2004 (PMI Research Proceedings Post-Conference Book) Project Management Institute, 2004, ISBN: 193069959X, 524 pp., $35.95 Member, $45.95 Nonmember.

What does leading-edge research tell us about the future of project management? What are the implications for professionals in the field? Where does the profession go from here?

As project management continues its progression to a distinct discipline, professionals require the latest material on the changes in project management theory and knowledge. Access to state-of-the-art information is necessary to understand the increasing integration of project and organizational strategy and is vital to the continued advancement of the project management profession.

The Project Management Institute (PMI®) Research Conference 2004, held 11-14 July in London, U.K., brought together top researchers and professionals to discuss the evolving theory and practice of project management. Crucial to the evolution of the project management profession, the conference detailed the latest project management knowledge and practices. This publication brings the conference's most notable research to your fingertips. …