Concise Guide to Treatment of Alcoholism & Addictions

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Concise Guide to Treatment of Alcoholism & Addictions

Avram H. Mack, J.E. Franklin & J.R Frances

American Psychiatric Publishing Inc. Washington DC, 2001

This book deals with alcohol and other abused substances: cannabis, opioids, benzo- diazepines, hallucinogens, PCP, MDMA (Ecstasy), stimulants (amphetamine, cocaine) and inhalants. It mainly reviews the physiological aspects of these drugs.

The Introduction deals with main approaches to treatment in brief.

The chapters on epidemiology, natural history of substance abuse and basic concepts is concise. There is an informative chapter about developing proper diagnoses of most substances of abuse. The most important chapter concerns the treatment of all substances of abuse mentioned above.

In this book there is a comprehensive and up-to-date presentation of the treatment of Dual-Diagnosis patients. These include substance use disorders along with any major Axis 1 disorders according to DSM-IV with special emphasis on anxiety disorders, affective disorders and psychotic disorders.

This is a practical and useful book for psychiatrists working in general and psychiatric hospitals and in ambulatory facilities who confront problems of diagnosing substance abuse patients and their medical treatment. …