A Message from the President

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To CEA Members and Directory Users:

It is my distinct pleasure to provide a welcome to the 2005 CEA Directory. It is a thrill for me to be able to put in my "two cents worth" for such an important document. This can be the most useful CEA membership benefit you have. You are able to access information about the International and Regional Executive Board members, Office Staff, State Chapter Presidents, Standards Commission members, and Special Interest Groups. All of these groups may be good information for you to access. In addition, the Directory is divided by category-each state director of correctional education is listed, as well as the Federal resources and library services. You may find the alphabetical listing of members the most valuable-you met someone from a certain state, but can't remember the name without a prompt. Use the Directory to make those continued contacts. We are developing an ever-growing list of email addresses for members, as this is such an efficient method of communication. We urge you to include your email address for placement in the Directory. It may be that someone you met at a conference is trying to get in touch with you and an electronic method is easiest. Contact the National office if you wish to add your email address to the list for next year.

The CEA Directory is made possible through the financial support of the directory sponsors and advertisers. Current annual information is provided in part by CEA members from the U.S. Department of Education, President's Council, and the National office. We try to keep everything as up to date as possible. Many thanks to everyone who has worked on contributed to the Directory. …