The Rosy Outlook

Article excerpt

New Orleans Still Has Much to Offer EAIA

Can there be a rosy outlook? New Orleans, site of our 2007 meeting, is devastated. Can we still have a meeting there? Yes, but some of the things that we might have visited as a side trip may have changed. We will still have a meeting there. In addition, it will be a great meeting because much of what we had planned to include in the program still exists. It was in the French Quarter and that, like other land along the Mississippi River, was along somewhat higher ground.

John Morvant, one of my co-hosts, has suffered great loss. His home and his material possessions were destroyed.

New Orleans was and is a unique city with a unique culture. As long as I can remember, I wanted to live in downtown New Orleans. There was so much that attracted me: historical buildings, quaint buildings, magnificent houses, wonderful iron work, the hidden courtyards, jazz, the great river port and river boats, the restaurants and the delicious food, the people, the unique accent of the Creoles, and many others in New Orleans varied neighborhoods. That special city is badly hurt, but it will be reborn by the time of our meeting.

The foregoing, and some maudlin stuff that I have edited out, was mostly written on the Wednesday after hurricane Katrina. We now know that those museums in the French Quarter are safe and they will certainly be open and waiting for us when we get there. The Old Mint Museum did take water but the exhibitions and collections are safe. Much of the attraction in Algiers (across the river from the New Orleans arts district) is Mardi Gras World, a huge collection of Mardi Gras memorabilia including past floats and floats under construction. …