Young People and Substance Misuse

Article excerpt

Young People and Substance Misuse Edited by liana Crome, Hamid Ghodse, Eilish Gilvarry and Paul McArdle Gaskell, The Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2004 Paperback, ISBN: 1-904671-01-1, 240pp, £15.00

This book deals with many aspects of substance misuse, especially in adolescents. It covers topics such as the etiology of onset of misuse, substance dependence in youth, prevention programs, epidemiology, social influences, legal aspects, psychiatric comorbidity and treatment. It is written in clear, accurate and simple language.

Included in the book are important chapters concerning smoking among youngsters and the health implications of illicit drug, alcohol and nicotine abuse. There is a good chapter, "The process of assessment," which deals with the characteristic syndromes of intoxication and withdrawal for the most commonly used drugs. The book addresses other important issues such as risk factors and protective factors of substance abuse among teenagers.

The book has some moderate flaws. The same facts are repeated in a few chapters, such as the epidemiological, etiological and definitional aspects of substance abuse. The chapter on psychiatric cornmorbidity seems to be not comprehensive enough. There is much research about depression, anxiety and psychosis among substance abusing youngsters which was not included in this book. …