Editorial Perspective

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Over the past year, T have been involved in a study involving photographs, as well as taking a course in photography. The course on photography requires that I send in pictures illustrating my understanding and skill for each unit. In lurii, I receive a tape of the voice of a professional photographer providing a critique of my work. The course emphasizes that there is no right or wrong way to take pictures, but there are better ways. My tape critiques involve helping me understand how ? might have taken the picture better-different positions I might have used, different lenses or filters that might have enhanced shades and colors, and ways T might have emphasized some areas of the pictures or de-emphasized others.

This same application can be applied to counseling, as counselors often facilitate the growth of individuals, accepting the perspectives they present and then helping them find new, and hopefully belief, perspectives. As we help clients change lenses or filters and provide a different frame for the ciient so that the camera is no longer in the same position, we help to bring what was dark into the light and shift problems to solutions. …