Editorial Perspective

Article excerpt

By now you have had an opportunity to savor the new "flavor" of our outstanding journal, now The Journal of Professional Counseling: Practice, Theory, and Research. Becky Taylor, my predecessor, outlined our purposes in her column in the Summer 2004 issue. I hope you have had time to read it. We will continue "tweaking" little things here and there in order to bring you the best practical ideas, research summaries, and intervention methods. We will continue to improve readability through layout redesign. However, nothing will change with regards to our content.

This issue was prepared under the "watch" of Becky Taylor. She and the Editorial Board worked diligently to insure a smooth transition to my editorship. I was unprepared but duly impressed by her "transition behavior." By the time I assumed the editorship on July 1, she had selected the manuscripts to be included in this issue and had "herded" them to the final step in the editing process, a final review by the Managing and Executive Editors. This is but one example of the outstanding work Becky exemplified during her four-year tenure as Executive Editor. That's right, four years. Once again, in her humble but everserving manner, Becky agreed to stay on for one extra year (2003-2004) while I completed responsibilities I had with other organizations so that I could follow in her footsteps. …