Possible Annual Meeting in Virginia City, Nevada

Article excerpt

I've just visited Virginia City, Nevada again. This time I wanted to see if it would be suitable for an EAIA annual meeting. There has been much talk about how EAIA neglects its members in the western half of the country. This could be an opportunity begin to change that concept.

Virginia City would be a fantastic place for a meeting. I've spoken with museum people and others in the area about this and they would really support us. This is another place where the whole family could vacation. Virginia City was once a town of 30,000 people. Mining here was on the cutting edge of technology and many examples survive today. The Virginia & Truckee Railroad was a marvel and parts are still operating. A tour of the Sutro Tunnel, an engineering marvel, could be made available. The 4th Ward School Museum, a school from 1876 that was ahead of its time, would interest us, as would the Nevada State Museum, located in the old Carson City Mint just a few miles from Virginia City. …