Good Shipmates: The Restoration of the Liberty Ship John W. Brown, Volume One: 1942-1994

Article excerpt

GOOD SHIPMATES: THE RESTORATION OF THE LIBERTY SHIP JOHN W. BROWN, VOLUME ONE: 1942-1994 By Ernest F. Imhoff 388 Pgs, Illustrated, 6-in x 9-in, Softback. ISBN: 978-1-889901-36-7 - $24.95. Glencannon Press; 1-800-711-8985;

To Baltimoreans, he is an awardwinning retired newspaperman and former Sun editor. To his shipmates on the Liberty ship John W. Brown, he is known as "aft-end Ernie." To Sea Classics' readers, he's known as a topnotch contributor who has penned some of our most compelling human interest stories. Ernie Imhoff has now combined all of his many talents to craft a most fascinating book about a most fascinating ship - the John W. Brown - one of only two such vessels of their type steaming today as warbuilt memorialized merchantmen.

In tracing the Brown's illustrious beginnings and war-time history, Ernie Imhoff tells far more than the life and times of a specific ship. It is the story of the men who manned her in war and peace and each is told with the absorbing insights seldom possessed by anyone other than a veteran reporter like himself. At its base, Good Shipmates is almost allegorical - a saga of ultimate conquest - man's triumph over every form of adversity. …