Communication Skills for Medicine

Communication Skills for Medicine

Communication Skills for Medicine

Communication Skills for Medicine


Communication skills are now part of the undergraduate curriculum in the majority of medical schools. This book grew out of our involvement in the communication skills course at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine and our recognition of the need for a book which would guide students through the often difficult stages of learning to communicate sensitively and effectively with patients and colleagues. We believe that this learning process should begin as soon as students enter medical school, and the book has been designed for use at all stages of the curriculum — although we realise that it will be of greatest use during the later clinical years. Whilst we have written it with medical students in mind, we hope that it will be useful both to those who wish to develop their communication skills after qualification and also to other health care professionals.

We have adopted a very practical approach to the learning of communication skills and have provided guidelines and case examples throughout the book. At various points, the reader is encouraged to 'stop and think', and we hope that students and their tutors will make use of the exercises which are included in an appendix and which are signalled in the text.

Communication skills are learnt and developed by 'doing' rather than by reading books. However, the path will be easier if a guide is provided, and we hope that the book will fulfil this function for its readers.

M. L.

R. B.


1996 . . .

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