Remembering the End: Dostoevsky as Prophet to Modernity


"Dostoevsky has not yet become Dostoevsky, he is becoming one", the great Russian critic and philosopher Bakhtin wrote in 1961. Likewise in 1993, the Dostoevsky scholar Robert Louis Jackson said Dostoevsky's becoming is, of course, our own becoming; to know Dostoevsky has been to know our century and ourselves. Remembering the End reflects on Dostoevsky's prophetic critique of modernity in this 21st century moment in which -- as individuals and members of communities -- we are required to make critical choices about the meaning of justice, history, truth, and happiness. With particular focus on the Grand Inquisitor (in The Brothers Karamazov), the authors elucidate the spiritual realism of Dostoevsky's Biblically charged literary art. Remembering the End will be of interest to readers in literature, religious studies, theology, and philosophy.

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