Working with Bereaved People

Working with Bereaved People

Working with Bereaved People

Working with Bereaved People


This is a short, practical guide to working with individuals facing death or coping with bereavement. The book provides coverage of communication in relation to dealing with bereaved people and should be of special relevance to nursing students.


The aim of writing this book was to produce a practical guide for those who work with bereaved people. the readers may be nurses, counsellors, other professionals, or volunteers. For that reason, I have written in a very practical manner using case studies from my own experience, both in working with bereaved people, but also in working with groups of students who want to know more about bereavement and who have shared their problem cases with me.

To make the book more readable, I have used the minimum of references and based most of the text on my own professional experience. However, I accept that many people will want to go further than the content of this book and to help to meet their needs, I have included a Further Reading List at the end of the book.

There is an increasing awareness of the needs of bereaved people. There is to date no government involvement in working with the bereaved, nor yet any national policy on how the needs of such people can be met. However, it is good to see change occurring. the organizations 'Cruse' and 'Help the Hospices' have recently combined to improve the training of bereavement counsellors, both within Cruse and from the hospice world. It is exciting to be working with that project and seeing the beginnings of a much more coherent course for those who work with the bereaved. To that end I hope this book will be of use.

I hope too that those who are not directly involved with bereavement work, but who care for the dying and their families, will find something of worth in the text. I make no apologies for the approach which is similar to the style in my previous work, Effective Interaction with Patients (Faulkner 1992).

Sheffield 1995


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