The Social Security Primer: What Every Citizen Should Know



Since its creation in 1935, the Social Security System has provided millions of Americans with a dependable safety net of retirement income, disability help, medical assistance, and other benefits. But today there are serious concerns about the future of the system, along with alarming and confusing proposals for its reform, repair, abandonment, or preservation.

THE SOCIAL SECURITY PRIMER cuts through the confusion and explains clearly what the problems are, how they came about, and what solutions are being proposed. Written by the author of the award-winning newspaper column "Money in America", it shows you what needs to be done to put the system on a sound footing well into the next century.

With this concise, easy-to-read primer, you'll know exactly how Social Security works and how it evolved ... see how the system is viewed by different generations ... and learn the real nature of the Social Security crisis. You'll discover new ways of looking at the system and its problems ... understand the full implications of the push for privatization ... and see clearly the pros and cons of the various proposals for reform.

Whether you are already receiving benefits, about to retire, or just starting to work, you will be profoundly affected by whatever changes are made in the system. Get the information to decide for yourself what needs to be done to save Social Security!

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Armonk, NY
Publication year:
  • 1999


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