Women Changing Science: Voices from a Field in Transition


Women Changing Science: Voices from a Field in Transition explores the experiences of today's women in the natural and physical sciences. In interviews with women at all stages of their scientific careers, Ms. Mary Morse, a frequent contributor to Utne Reader magazine and a community activist, unearths a picture of science that rarely sees print: a field in upheaval, with female and male scientists doing their best to survive in rapidly shifting social and professional climates. Read the honest appraisals of the extraordinary women who are determined to define a new scientific culture. Step into a woman-owned engineering firm where employees are encouraged to bring their infants to work. Hear why a young female physician would jettison the entire residency process to foster safer, saner, and more effective medical training. Learn how a group of established women scientists and science policy makers succeeded, and about their predictions for women's impact on the field. The author and her subjects present meaningful solutions to the current dilemmas faced by scientists, including ways to redesign the scientific culture and workplace to foster success for women, men, and the scientific enterprise. Bound to spark a dialogue about how women will shape the future of western science, this book is eye-opening reading for anyone with an interest in the field. In an era when women are being encouraged to enter the sciences as never before, Women Changing Science sounds a warning to science students, science teachers, parents, legislators, health science educators, business people, and university administrators.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1995


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