Getting the Lead Out: The Complete Resource on How to Prevent and Cope with Lead Poisoning


"Important. Urgent. Practical. Very, very, useful". -- Jonathan Kozol, author of Amazing Grace

"Lead poisoning is one of the most common and preventable pediatric health problems today". US Centers for Disease Control

Between one and a half to two million children under the age of six -- one out of eleven American preschoolers -- have elevated levels of lead in their blood, a condition that can cause damage to their developing brains, resulting in learning disabilities, behavior problems, and decreased IQs. A severe problem that affects not only children from our poorest neighborhoods but also those from many middle- and upper-income families, lead poisoning is most often caused by the lead-based paint that is present on the walls, woodwork and facades of 75% of all American homes built before 1989 -- 57 million US homes and apartments.

Getting The Lead Out: The Complete Resource on How to Prevent and Cope with Lead Poisoning is the first comprehensive, action-oriented book on this compelling health issue. It defines and elaborates on the major sources of lead in the home and environment, medical concerns, prevention strategies, and techniques for controlling lead hazards, while offering advice to parents and homeowners on where to turn should their child -- or home -- be found to have high lead levels.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1997


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