The Role of Schools in Mental Health

The Role of Schools in Mental Health

The Role of Schools in Mental Health

The Role of Schools in Mental Health


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We had two audiences in mind as we wrote—professionals in the fields of education and of mental health, and citizens without special training who are interested in our topic. To avoid needless confusion we have minimized the use of special terms and have tried to translate those we adopted.

Our aim is to answer the topical and important question, what, if anything, ought schools to do about mental health. Periodicals and the press have been filled recently with attacks on schools. a favorite target has been the practice of making "life adjustment" and "a healthy personality for every child" educational goals at the alleged expense of the three R's. the critics, of course, are not against health. Instead, they believe that schools go about it in the wrong way or that seeking health is not the schools' job. We discuss such views in Chapter ii.

In addition to efforts to promote mental health via the classroom, services have multiplied that are concerned principally with handling or preventing mental illness and emotional disorders. At an accelerating pace, schools have been starting or expanding programs of psychological testing, guidance systems, and other practices aimed at advisement, assessment, or personal adjustment. in the past few years, especially, the rate may have increased because of the clamor for quicker detection of gifted pupils with scientific interests and concern for better counseling in regard to educational plans. At the same time, development of procedures related to mental health and illness may have been limited in some school districts in order to have funds available to hire science teachers or to equip new laboratories.

Mental illness brings a burden to the afflicted, to their associates . . .

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